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● Zuoying THSR line (Fo Guang Shan Station)
Operation Hours:06:50~23:30
(normal20-30minutes,Weekends&Holidays15-25 minutes)
● Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts line (8502)
Operation Hours:05:50~23:00
● Kaohsiung City Government line(8503)
Operation Hours:05:50~23:30
● Fonh-san line(8504)
Operation Hours:05:50~23:00
● E-DA Hospital to E-DA World line(96)
Operation Hours:normal 07:00~22:50,

● Gang-San line(8506)
Operation Hours:06:00~22:40
● Kaohsiung City Government line(8503)
Operation Hours:06:30~23:00
● Woo-Chia line(8505)
Operation Hours:05:50~23:30
● E-DA Hospital to THSR line(红52)
Operation Hours:normal06:50~22:15,
● E-DA Hospital to Chy-Sns line (261)
Operation Hours:normal06:10~21:20,

E-DA Bus – Related Information
Monday to Friday:08:30 ~ 23:00, Saturday and Sunday:09:00 ~ 23:00
Customer service hotline: +886-800-352520

Should you have any questions about the bus, please contact E-DA Bus.

Address:No.12, Sec. 1, Syuecheng Rd., Kaohsiung City 840  |  Toll-Free Call:0800-656-077 (Mon to Fri 09:00~ 18:00) - Call Center
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