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E-DA Theme Park is the only Greek Aegean Sea styled theme park in Taiwan. The three major areas are Acropolis, Mountain City and Trojan Castle. When you step into the E-DA Theme Park, you will be amazed by the greetings from E-DA Mascots and our staffs with a hand gesture.
It also has the most exciting attractions, which includes a Monorail running through the park, “Upside Down” an outdoor roller coaster reaching 55 meters, “Flying Over Love Sea” a ride reaching 33 meters, and “Extreme Limit Challenge” the only ride in Asian fashion after a skateboard half-pipe. With thrill and fun rides we are keen to offer our guests an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the beautiful scenes and scenery of the Greek environment.


Acropolis is built based on the ancient Greek sanctuary with a multi-functional theatre. The Royal Theatre is the large national-class performing venue. There are over 1800 premium seats that give the audiences a high class feel. Shows are organized for all visitors holding the admission tickets to our Theme Park, or you can purchase tickets specifically for such international performances.

Santorini Mountain City

A journey to the beautiful Santorini Mountain City will give you a complete atmosphere of the Greek islands’ blue and white scenery, and a feeling of just like staying at the romantic atmosphere of an Aegean Sea Village. Within the beautiful sky castle, you can thoroughly enjoy a Greek Style Feast with various kinds of Greek theme restaurants and souvenirs, while at the same time you can relax and take in the beautiful scenes that will surely bring you joy.

Trojan Castle

At Trojan castle, you will be going back in time to the historical scene of Troy. This is the largest family indoor amusement park in Taiwan, which is measured at nearly 50,000 square feet, so you don’t have to worry about the weather condition. In this amazing castle, you’ll find various activities such as “VR Fighting” in which you can play with your friends online and get into a virtual reality world with 360° panorama vision as well as the famous play item called “Flying over Formosa”. This is the only flight simulator that lets you fly throughout the country, so you will see the most beautiful scenery of Taiwan. Even though some places are no more due to the nature of irresistible, this video is very unique and exclusive only in E-DA Theme Park. We are sure all of these facilities can meet your family’s needs for fun and also satisfy you with excitement.

E-DA Ferris Wheel

At 230 meters above sea level, E-DA’s Ferris wheel is the tallest Ferris wheel in Taiwan. Equipped with comfort air-conditioned carts, diverse light show with 128 different lights display, and providing sweeping views of the beautiful scenery of Kaohsiung City and Ping Tung County, the E-DA Ferris wheel can provide the joy and an exciting atmosphere for any occasion. E-DA Ferris wheel will also provide you with a slow and comfortable ride.

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